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Funeral@Work 2024

3+4 / 02 / 2024

Brabanthal Leuven


New glass urns 2024

Create your own design in our design module

Our easy-to-use design module allows you to design the memorial stone, columbarium plate or urn field according to your customer's expectations.

Designing a personal memorial has never been easier. Memories last a lifetime, and your design helps cherish those precious moments.

Add drawings, photos, vases, inters and texts to your design and quickly obtain the design for your customer. You can export this to an image or PDF, so that you can consult with your customer and further fine-tune. You can then load this back in to make adjustments. Add this to your shopping cart so that the correct price can be delivered to you.

Exclusively for you as a Westdecor customer!

Scatter urns

Medical and Postmortem

Whether it concerns products for transporting the deceased (body bags, trolleys, headrests, etc.); for their preparation (sanitary care, embalming, hygiene products, etc.) or for their presentation (trestles, refrigerated tables, etc.), all these items are directly available.

You can consult our range by clicking on the link below.

Urn monuments

We have an extensive choice of urn field monuments available. Ranging from urn field monuments with a glass plate, to stainless steel, bronze, glass plate with fogla, granite with laser, ...

The models shown in the range on our website are with a standard base plate of 50x50x5cm. Of course, different dimensions are possible. It is best to contact us if you have specific questions.

Eternity Collection Urns